Yash Gulati

MSc International Business and Politics – QMUL

"During the pandemic, I was brainstorming when I suddenly decided I wanted to pursue a Masters in the UK to gain a global understanding of politics to support my work experiences. However, coming from a completely unrelated undergraduate degree in software engineering I didn’t know if my informal experiences were enough to secure a place at top universities. Having completed my high schooling in a small town made it even more difficult to understand the standardised terms of a foreign university. Even top agencies I visited, recommended I applied to middle-tier universities based on my background. However, with research and help from a friend I was elated when I received offers from Durham, Manchester, Nottingham, Queen Mary, and Edinburgh. I realised how important the Statement of Purpose is for Top universities and no experience is immaterial, what matters is how it is presented. I became interested instantly to create a platform to help students who come from diverse geographies where often only grades are given primary importance.”